5 biggest NY Giants draft steals in team history

These guys turned out to be studs for the G-Men over the years
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1. OT Rosey Brown

Relatively speaking, there may not be a bigger draft day steal in NFL history than Rosey Brown. There were 322 players selected ahead of Brown, yet he still rose above all of them and became one of the best offensive linemen the NFL has ever seen. To make things even better, it was the Giants who took a swing on Brown and helped turn him into the Hall of Famer he became.

Despite being selected in the 27th round, Brown would become an immediate starter for the Giants, and in just his third season, he'd make his first of what would be nine Pro Bowls. Brown was a pivotal part of the Giants' 1956 NFL Championship victory and remained one of the best players in the NFL until his retirement in 1965.

At the time, Brown retired as arguably the best offensive lineman in NFL history and was rewarded as such with a Hall of Fame nomination in 1975. The league also named him to the Hall of Fame All-1950s team as well for the NFL's 100th anniversary squad. Brown's legendary status in the league and as a Giant will live on forever.