5 Daniel Jones replacements the NY Giants must avoid this offseason

It's clear the Giants will be looking for a new starting signal-caller in the coming months

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers
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Jimmy Garoppolo

There's growing speculation the Las Vegas Raiders and Jimmy Garoppolo will part ways this offseason. If this were to happen and Garoppolo is looking for a new home, New York shouldn't be the place. People liked to use this crack on Tom Brady a lot, which clearly wasn't true, but Garoppolo is the embodiment of a system quarterback.

He succeeded under Bill Belichick (arguably the greatest coach of all time) and went to a Super Bowl with Kyle Shanahan (offensive guru). Then again, it's not fair to put all the struggles this season solely on his shoulders. The Raiders were a disaster the first eight weeks and that's thanks to noted terrible head coach Josh McDaniels.

The real blemish on Jimmy G's record is during the 49ers run to a Super Bowl appearance, Shanahan didn't have Garoppolo throw the ball. That's a pretty tough look if you want to be considered the face of the franchise. Like Tannehill, Garoppolo needs to have the weapons around him if you want him to succeed, and frankly the Giants don't have that. Outside of Saquon Barkley, there are question marks at every offensive skill position. Garoppolo to the Giants would solve nothing for either party.