5 disastrous moves the Giants must avoid at No. 25 overall in the NFL Draft

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1. RB Bijan Robinson, Texas

Bijan Robinson is arguably one of, if not the best players in the entire draft class from a talent standpoint and one of the best running back prospects the NFL has ever seen. However, the Giants are in no position to draft a running back in the first round, even if they want to find a potential Saquon Barkley replacement.

While a Robinson and Barkley backfield this season would be one of the best, and most entertaining tandems in the league, it's better to select someone either later in the draft, or next season if Joe Schoen doesn't want to re-sign Barkley to a big deal.

Through 12 games at Texas last season, Robinson ran the ball 257 times for 1,575 yards and 18 touchdowns, averaging 6.1 yard per carry in the process. There are no doubts surrounding his talent, but the value his position holds makes it difficult to want to draft him.

Hopefully, Robinson doesn't fall to a team like the Eagles, though. If he does, things could get very rough for the Giants. Adding a talent like that to an already elite offense would be incredibly scary for the league.

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