5 of the most underrated players in NY Giants history

These guys will always be beloved by Giants fans.
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The NY Giants have had a long, illustrious history. One that is filled with four Super Bowl-winning teams, countless Hall of Famers, and plenty of memorable moments that span generations. With so much to remember, it becomes easy to forget some of the little guys who helped make all of this possible.

These five players spent most of their careers with the Giants, yet, for one reason or another, are often not brought up by fans of the teams in recent years. With that in mind, we figured we would do right by them, and give them the spotlight they deserve.

5. C Bart Oates

Career with Giants: 1985-1993, 165 games started, three-time Pro Bowler, two-time Super Bowl champion

The Giants may not be known for their elite offensive linemen throughout history, but Bart Oates seems to be forgotten when people talk about the teams first Super Bowl victories in the '80s and '90s. Oates played a pivotal role as the only constant on the Giants offensive line in both championship wins.

There was certainly talent on the line in the form of guys like Jumbo Elliot, Brad Benson (who almost made the list himself), and Billy Ard, but they all came and went over years while Oates stayed until 1993, where he left for the 49ers, made two more Pro Bowls and won one more championship before retiring at the age of 37.

Oates was a staple on a Giants offense that didn't have many, especially in 1990 where there were few constants. Not only did he start for nine consecutive years, but he was arguably one of the best players at his position. While this may make him a little too good to be on an underrated players list, amongst names like Lawrence Taylor, Phil Simms, Harry Carson, Pepper Johnson, and more, Oates seems to be forgotten about more times than not.