5 players the NY Giants can target if they trade back in Round 1

Michael Penix will be a name to watch in the 2024 NFL Draft
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1. Washington QB Michael Penix Jr.

The case of Michael Penix Jr. has been an interesting one to study this offseason. His rise this collegiate season has led many to think he could get drafted in the Top 10, others have mocked Penix in the late first round and some even have him falling to Day 2. Now, following an impressive Pro Day, several analysts are talking about Penix being a first-round lock.

With all the confusion around where Penix could get drafted, the door has opened up for the Giants to do what could be a smart move. Not only could they get a massive haul for the No. 6 overall pick, but doing so may put them in the position to draft their future franchise quarterback in the form of Penix.

Penix certainly has his flaws, and his injury history is concerning. However, his traits as an athlete and QB make him a tantalizing prospect, to say the least. Not only is he very aggressive when throwing downfield, but the system he played in at Washington could have him more prepared to play in the NFL than other QBs in the class.

He has to work on his footwork and willingness to hit players in the middle of the field, but with coaches like Daboll and Mike Kafka by his side, there's no telling how good Penix could become down the road if he ends up making his way to East Rutherford.