Watch Aaron Rodgers make his first big mistake at MetLife Stadium

New York Jets Offseason Workout
New York Jets Offseason Workout / Elsa/GettyImages

NY Jets fans keep on thinking their savior has arrived with Aaron Rodgers now running the offense. Sure, we can't argue with the fact that the future Hall of Famer is going to make a huge difference for this team, as the days of Zach Wilson are over.

However, the people who are dreaming of the Jets winning the Super Bowl need to relax a bit. If you ask us, we think the NY Giants will have a much better season than them. Rodgers has a Lombardi Trophy on his mind - he made that much clear over the weekend.

Rodgers was spotted at the Taylor Swift concert at MetLife Stadium and people can't stop talking about him trying to talk a Super Bowl win into existence. Yeah, it's not going to happen bro.

Aaron Rodgers predicts a Jets Super Bowl win at Taylor Swift concert

Rodgers is obviously excited to call East Rutherford his new stomping grounds, but come on, do we really think he's going to be able turn things around for the Jets to the point that they not only make the playoffs, but they also somehow play better than the Bills, Chiefs or Bengals?

If anything, the Ravens feel like more of a threat than the Jets in the AFC these days, especially after inking Lamar Jackson to his monster deal, PLUS signing Odell Beckham Jr. and drafting Boston College's Zay Flowers. The Jets are still lacking offensive playmakers to get them over the top.

As for the Giants, we still think they're the best team in town, with Daniel Jones, Dexter Lawrence, Saquon Barkley - assuming his contract situations gets figured out - and others set for a monster 2023 campaign.

Again, Rodgers is going to be great for this team, but there's just no way anyone will consider him and the Jets serious contenders to win it all this winter. Sorry Aaron, it's not going to happen for you.

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