Adam Schefter’s Dak Prescott-Giants prediction will cause panic in Dallas

Plenty of NY Giants fans would be against this too

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

What in the heck is Jerry Jones doing with the Cowboys? With it being nearly 30 years since his team went to the Super Bowl, you'd think he'd be focused on building things for the future. Instead, he has Mike McCarthy coaching on the last year of his deal and it looks like Dak Prescott will be playing on the final year of his.

Reports have surfaced stating that the Cowboys and Prescott haven't been able to come to terms on an extension and that No. 4 will be playing 2024 with his future in the air. This would allow him to test free agency in 2025 and Adam Schefter already has a couple of teams in mind for him: The NY Giants and Commanders.

Could the NY Giants pursue Dak Prescott in free agency next year?

"Dak to me is a really good quarterback, so if and when he becomes a free agent next year, Dallas may want him back, but there might be a quarterback-needy team - Giants, Commanders, who knows. We could go through the list right now. There will be no shortage of suitors for Dak Prescott as a true unrestricted free agent on the open market. "

Adam Schefter

Sure, this is only speculation at this point, but it's telling that the G-Men and Commanders were the first two teams Schefter brought up. This has surely made Dallas fans even more angry than they already are, as they don't like Jones getting too cute with their star quarterback.

Looking to next offseason, the Giants could be in need of a new signal-caller, but it really depends on what happens in late April's draft. If Joe Schoen decides to back Daniel Jones with a WR1 at No. 6 overall, then he'll be giving Danny Dimes one last chance to stay healthy and prove his worth in 2024.

If Jones doesn't, then the Giants could cut him after next season and then be in the market to either draft a long-term replacement or find a stud in free agency. We'd assume Prescott moving to New Jersey to play for Big Blue would never happen, but after Saquon Barkley signed with the Eagles, we can't rule anything out.

Dallas dropping the ball could be gold for the Giants next offseason, but it all depends on whether or not Schoen would even consider breaking the bank for the Pro Bowl QB. Would NY supporters even want him to be considered? Tough to say, but rivalry aside, Prescott is a pretty dang good player.