A.J. Brown suffers knee injury vs. Giants and fans are bashing MetLife's turf

Another injury due to the terrible turf at MetLife Stadium?

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants
Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The rivalry between the NY Giants and Philadelphia Eagles is tough to match, but no one ever wants to see anyone go down with a serious-looking injury in the middle of the action. That's exactly what has happened in Week 18, with Eagles supporters worried sick about wideout A.J. Brown.

In the first quarter, Brown hauled in a pass from Jalen Hurts and started to move down the field. However, Nick McCloud forced a fumble and Micah McFadden was there for the recovery. In that sequence, though, Brown appeared to get caught up on the turf and he was grabbing his knee in a ton of pain. He went to the blue medical tent and has since made his way back to the locker room.

A.J. Brown went down with a knee injury in the Giants-Eagles showdown

That doesn't look good at all for Brown. It was great to see him walk off the field under his own power, but the way he was clutching at that knee has Philly fans fearing the worst. Not only that, but a lot of folks are bashing the MetLife Stadium turf, as the field has been knowning for hurting players over the years:

The Eagles are trying to win the NFC East, but they need to take down the Giants and hope that the Commanders can top the Cowboys. Injuries have been a nightmare for Philly this week, as they entered Sunday's game without DeVonta Smith and D'Andre Swift.

To make matters worse, Jalen Hurts appeared to suffer a finger injury in the second quarter, but luckily he's going to be just fine. The Eagles are getting ready for the start of the playoffs next weekend, but now it's up in the air if Brown will be able to play or not.

If he misses the Wild Card Round - and potentially even more time - people all over the City of Brotherly Love are going to keep on bashing the turf at MetLife for quite some time. People are tired of seeing the awful turf put guys at risk on Sundays and we're right there with them.