4 back-breaking NY Giants plays from the painful 14-9 loss to the Bills

The G-Men couldn't get the job done in Buffalo in primetime

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
New York Giants v Buffalo Bills / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages
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This is a loss that's for sure going to haunt the NY Giants for a while. In primetime against the Buffalo Bills, basically no one expected Big Blue to put up much of a fight against the AFC powerhouse. Buffalo was a 15-point favorite, which speaks volumes to what people expected from the Giants.

Despite their backs being against the wall, Tyrod Taylor and Co. put up one heck of a fight, but they fell short in heartbreaking fashion. In the end, the Bills were able to scrape out a 14-9 victory over the Giants. Darren Waller almost came down with the game-winning score, but no dice. These plays in particular will keep Giants fans up at night:

4. The phantom penalty called on Evan Neal to negate the big Jalin Hyatt gain

To start us off, we've got to bring up the 'ineligible man downfield' penalty called against Evan Neal. Yes, Neal has been inconsistent this year and fans have blasted him for his rough play this season, but during this particular sequence, the former No. 7 overall pick did absolutely nothing wrong. Seriously, the refs blew it here and cost the Giants a large gain.

Taylor rolled out of the pocket and delivered a perfect pass to third-round pick Jalin Hyatt. This was on first down early on in the second half. Hyatt made one of the best plays of the year for the Giants, but his impressive grab wasn't able to be recorded because laundry hit the turf - and it never should have:

When looking back on that play, Neal was still engaged with the Buffalo defender. By rule, as long as Neal is still blocking and engaged, then he's good here. The refs don't know the rules and they flagged the second-year offensive tackle when they shouldn't have. This is inexcusable. The Giants would have been set up right around the Buffalo 40. This was a bogus call, period.