Ranking the 5 best plays in NY Giants regular season history

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants / Al Bello/GettyImages
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Throughout the history of the NFL, we have seen some pretty incredible plays be made from every team. However, one squad that stands out among the rest as having some truly ridiculous moments in their playing days has to be the NY Giants.

Maybe we're biased, but when looking at some of the best plays in the Giants' history, it's hard to find another team that compares to them. Not only are these plays incredibly fun to watch, but some have even inspired an entire generation of football players. In terms of the regular season, here's the five best, ranked, on our list:

5. Michael Strahan's game-winning pick-six against the Eagles

Funny enough, out of the four interceptions Michael Strahan snagged in his 15-year career, he returned two of them for touchdowns. However, his game-winning pick against the Eagles has become iconic. While the game itself wasn't the most exciting considering how bad the Eagles were and mediocre New York had become, the final play of the game made it memorable for all Giants fans.

After a Kent Graham pass to Pete Mitchell to tie the game 17 with 2:43 left, this game went into overtime. However, it didn't take very long for the Giants to come out victorious in this one. While their offensive drive didn't pan out, their defense got the job done. Enter Strahan:

Not only did Strahan grab the interception, but he proceeded to run it back 44 yards for a game-winning touchdown. With all the incredible plays the Eagles have had against the Giants, it's only right that New York gave them a taste of their own medicine. Doug Pederson, now the coach of the Jaguars, tried to make something happen, but Strahan had other ideas. What a play.