Brian Daboll quote after Bills loss shows how dejected the Giants coach is right now

Coach Dabes is sick of all the losing and Sunday's game against Buffalo was tough to swallow

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
New York Giants v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages

It's hard to put into words how disheartening the loss for the NY Giants on Sunday night was. No one thought the G-Men would have a shot at taking down the Buffalo Bills, but New York was one play away from pulling off a monster upset.

We can debate about pass interference needing to be called on Taron Johnson for the Darren Waller play until the sun goes out, but it won't change the fact the the Giants are now 1-5 on the year. Things have gone from bad to worse for this team and it's taking a toll on Brian Daboll. Following Sunday's game, you could tell the second-year head coach was down in the dumps:

Brian Daboll was clearly dejected after the SNF loss to the Bills

You've got to feel for this guy. At this point last year, the Giants were 5-1 after they posted an incredible victory over Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. Fast forward to 2023 and everything has been flipped, with countless Big Blue supporters ready to throw in the towel on the year.

This was a game that the Giants let get away. The defense was downright brilliant, with Wink Martindale's men looking absolutely fantastic. They gave Josh Allen issues all night, but the Quintin Morris touchdown in the fourth quarter proved to be the knockout blow.

There were also some self-inflicted wounds by the Giants that can't happen. The list obviously includes the end of the first half, when Tyrod Taylor optioned to a running play for Saquon Barkley at the one - but there was no time left for the Giants to spike the ball after No. 26 got stuffed short. That cost the Giants a massive three points.

Coach Dabes is still the right man for this job and the schedule is luckily going to start getting easier for his squad. However, losing four straight games is going to have a negative impact on anyone. It's safe to say Daboll is sick and tired of having to stand at the podium after his men take yet another L.