Slow motion clip of DPI not called for Darren Waller will infuriate Giants fans

The refs blew it late and it cost the Giants a shot at a win over the Bills

Seattle Seahawks v New York Giants
Seattle Seahawks v New York Giants / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

A night to forget for the officials on Sunday? Yup, that's exactly what we're talking about right now. The Buffalo Bills were able to post a heart-stopping 14-9 win over the NY Giants in primetime, but things really could have ended in a different manner.

On the final play of the game, after defensive pass interference was previously called in NY's favor for Darren Waller, Tyrod Taylor tossed a lob pass high into the sky for Waller to come down with. No. 12 leaped up, but couldn't come down with the grab. However, no one can argue with the fact that the Bills defender was draped all over Waller. How was a penalty not called here?

The Giants were robbed on the final play of the game against the Buffalo Bills

It's taking all of our effort to not throw a couple of curse words into this piece, but how in the (expletive) was cornerback Taron Johnson able to get away with that against Waller? That kind of offense would result in 6-8 months of jail time in several states. In all seriousness, a flag had to be thrown.

Johnson 100 percent prevented Waller from making a proper play on the ball. He had his hands all over him and was even tugging at his jersey. The NBC broadcast team was going back and forth on whether or not this should have resulted in a penalty, but we won't be convinced - that's called basically every time it happens.

Sure enough, the one time it's not called, the Giants are on the wrong side of it. With the loss, Brian Daboll and Co. are now 1-5 on the season. They were one play away from being 2-4 and posting the biggest upset of the year. Instead, they now will have a long trip back to New Jersey thanks to the refs missing this. Give us a break.