Brian Daboll snapping at Wink Martindale shows he holds everyone accountable

The Big Blue head coach was furious with his DC for an early penalty

New York Giants v Arizona Cardinals
New York Giants v Arizona Cardinals / Norm Hall/GettyImages

With how passionate he is, NY Giants head coach Brian Daboll is one of the last guys you want to make mad on a Sunday. In the come-from-behind win over the Arizona Cardinals in Week 2, Daboll was livid in the first half, as his team entered the locker room down 20-0.

The mental mistakes were on full display in the first half, which Big Blue supporters found unacceptable. On defense, things were far from perfect for coordinator Wink Martindale, with a 12 men on the field penalty infuriating the second-year head coach in the first quarter.

The cameras caught Daboll's reaction to the laundry hitting the turf. He let a 'damnit Wink' fly, which was pretty funny to see. At the same time, this is a reminder that Coach Dabes expects the absolute best from his players and coaches at all times.

Brian Daboll screaming at Wink Martindale is actually great to see

Daboll wasn't the only one upset with Martindale during the first 30 minutes of Sunday's action, as his unit had journeyman quarterback Joshua Dobbs looking like a Pro Bowler. When Arizona took its 20-0 lead, a lot of us were ready to give up on the season already.

Thankfully, the Giants defense was able to clean things up in the second half, limiting the Cardinals to only eight points. Offensively, the Giants and quarterback Daniel Jones rose from the dead, putting up 31 points on Arizona.

In the end, the Giants were able to celebrate the thrilling three-point victory, which very well may have saved the season for Big Blue. Martindale deserves a lot of credit for making adjustments in the second half. More of the same will be needed vs. the 49ers on Thursday night.

As for the mental mistakes, there are no excuses for the Giants on offense or defense. If Wink's guys have another slip-up, you already know Daboll will be there to get after his DC to make sure things get fixed and fast.