Brian Daboll testing Jayden Daniels at the NFL Combine goes viral for good reason

Coach Daboll went all-in on testing QBs at the NFL Combine.
NFL Combine
NFL Combine / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

Episode 2 of Hard Knocks is finally here, and fans simply can't get enough of the inside look we have been granted. One of the highlights of this episode was a look at the NY Giants' work at the NFL Combine. There were some funny moments, such as Brian Daboll believing he could run a 7.0 40-yard dash, and some more serious ones, like the pre-draft interviews.

This is something fans have never really gotten a look at, at the very least, Giants fans haven't. Needless to say, we were not disappointed, especially when it came to their interview with quarterback Jayden Daniels, who New York was interested in drafting as the franchise's next QB.

Brian Daboll creates viral Hard Knocks clip after testing Jayden Daniels at the NFL Combine

During the Combine section, we saw an interview with the Giants and Daniels where coach Daboll tried testing Daniels' ability to scan different defenses, specifically Cover 1. When asked, Daniels gave the following response:

While obviously, Daniels didn't deliver what the NY brass was probably hoping for, his answer was far more iconic and the reason for the clip blowing up. The Giants ended up not drafting Daniels since he went No. 2 overall to the Commanders.

Daniels did nothing wrong, and the confidence from the young man is great to see. However, it's tough to tell if that's the kind of guy the Giants would want considering that the last two QBs over the last 20 years have been Eli Manning and Daniel Jones, the complete opposite of Daniels personality-wise.

We'll never get to know, but we're glad Hard Knocks blessed us with this clip. This, combined with everything we have seen over the first two episodes, has been an exciting part of the offseason. The producers were truly cooking with fish grease when they decided to switch things up with the gimmick of the show.