Another clip of Daniel Jones-Brian Daboll miscommunication will make your blood boil

Danny Dimes looked completely lost on Monday against the Seahawks
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

You can't even make this stuff up anymore. While NY Giants fans are trying to put Week 4 behind them and focus on the Miami Dolphins, it's hard to do so when inexcusable events from Monday night keep popping up. To no surprise, quarterback Daniel Jones is once again involved here.

In the stunning 24-3 loss to the Seahawks, Jones looked totally lost at times and you could tell the anger was growing for head man Brian Daboll. We all saw the tablet toss after the Jones pick-six, but Daboll was shaking his head at No. 8 long before that.

At the end of the first half, with the Giants down 14-3, a run play was called on 3rd-and-11. Fans at the stadium and at home couldn't believe it. Neither could Daboll, as he was not happy with Jones when he jogged off the field. As it turns out, Jones and Daboll weren't on the same page. Brutal:

Daniel Jones continues to get ripped for his awful showing on Monday night

You're not alone if all you feel is pain after watching that clip. This is the fourth game of the season and Jones isn't running the right plays for this offense? Who knows what would have happened if he would have dropped back in the pocket and thrown off a pass, but we'll never know.

Daboll was not happy and it wasn't the last time he would be spotted being visibly upset. There were far too many mental mistakes for the Giants in this one. This included the penalties on special teams, the poor tackling on the Noah Fant 51-yard gain, the Jones' turnovers and more.

With the Giants at 1-3 on the season, they simply have to be better from an execution standpoint moving forward, especially with the Dolphins and Bills next up on the schedule. You think those two Super Bowl contenders are going to let the G-Men and Jones get away with sloppy play? Not a chance.

On the night, Jones had three total turnovers, with one fumble and two interceptions. Daboll wants his quarterback to play better and prove he was worthy of his $160 million extension during the offseason. So far, Jones has failed miserably in trying to do so.