Daniel Jones totally disrespected in CBS' new 2024 QB rankings

This should 100 percent motivate Danny Dimes
New York Giants v Miami Dolphins
New York Giants v Miami Dolphins / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

It seems like everyone is ready to get their shots in on NY Giants quarterback Daniel Jones ahead of the 2024 campaign. Last season, his first after signing a $160 million extension, Jones looked nothing like the QB who helped the G-Men get to the playoffs in '22.

Between the neck injury suffered in Miami and the torn ACL vs. the Raiders in Week 9, just about everything went wrong for Jones. Him tossing for only two touchdowns in six games is still being talked about and CBS has taken that into account for its new 2024 QB rankings. So, where does Jones check in? As the worst starting QB in the NFL. Good grief.

CBS has Daniel Jones ranked as the No. 32 QB in the NFL

No. 1 on the list is no shocker, as Patrick Mahomes is king of the game right now. Brock Purdy at No. 2, though? Come on. Those aren't the only questionable decisions that were made here, with Jones' spot also being one that we can't get behind.

Was he terrible last season? Yes, but how in the world can you have him below guys like J.J. McCarthy and Bo Nix, who have never played a single professional snap? We understand that Jones is coming off a rough season, but he has no business being No. 32.

We really hope this motivates Jones to keep working to silence his haters - if this doesn't, what will? There's a growing belief that Drew Lock might be able to steal the starting job from Danny Dimes at camp, but general manager Joe Schoen continues to say NY will rock with Jones if he's healthy.

Not long ago, we saw Jones put together a solid season both with his strong right arm and his impressive wheels. We know that kind of QB is still somewhere in him. He's going to be given one last chance to prove he can be a stud for Big Blue in '24 (we hope) and his life will be made easier with an improved offensive line and Malik Nabers in town as well.

Nabers was taken with the No. 6 overall pick and he's got the makings of a1,000-yard receiver for this offense. That's obviously fantastic news for Jones. For now, people continue to laugh at Jones and the Giants. We sure hope all the doubters are silenced midway through this upcoming fall.