Dexter Lawrence drama has arrived for the NY Giants out of nowhere

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Say it ain't so, Sexy Dexy. Just say it ain't so! One of the biggest bright spots for the NY Giants this past season was 100 percent the play of All-Pro defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence. Goodness me, Lawrence was a pleasure to watch, as he made life a living hell for opposing offensive linemen.

Thanks to his fantastic effort each week, Lawrence is ready to receive quite a pay raise from the G-Men and general manager Joe Schoen, who said recently that he's been working on an extension with Lawrence's reps.

Well, it doesn't look like we'll be seeing Lawrence near the practice field in the near future. Per insider Pat Leonard, Lawrence won't be at the start of the offseason program because he's not happy with his contract situation. Crap.

Dexter Lawrence won't report for the offseason program due to his current contract

Lawrence has surely seen other players get paid this offseason and now he's ready for his slice of the pie. This latest update on Lawrence comes after it was previously reported that Saquon Barkley won't be signing his franchise tag. This means he also won't be present for the start of the offseason program.

That's two of the best Big Blue players who will be away from the team. That's terrible news for head man Brian Daboll and Co. Schoen just put $160 million on the table for Daniel Jones, but he's going to have to work overtime to try and make both Lawrence and Barkley happy.

With Lawrence in particular, a four-year deal worth $75-80 million could be enough to make him smile. Daron Payne just received $90 million over four years from the Commanders, which Lawrence and his team surely paid attention to. Now, the ball is in Schoen's court.

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