4 drastic changes the NY Giants and Brian Daboll should consider

Some tough calls are needed for the G-Men before it's too late

Seattle Seahawks v New York Giants
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1. Let Brian Daboll call the offensive plays

During the Giants Week 2 victory against the Cardinals, it was rumored that Daboll took over play-calling duties after the team trailed 20-0 at halftime. While this was never confirmed, it certainly seemed like the case judging by the difference in offensive style in the first and second half. This style and aggressiveness is something we haven't seen since and it's been hindering the Giants' offensive success.

While we don't believe the Giants should outright fire Mike Kafka, it may be in the team's best interests to allow him to take a step back in order for Daboll to run the offense. As we all know, Daboll was formerly the offensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills, which featured one of the best offenses in the NFL.

Obviously, the Giants won't become this if they allow Daboll to call the plays, but there's no doubt that it would help. Honestly, allowing Kafka to step back may be best for his career in the long run. This is just his second season calling plays and allowing him to have more time to learn from one of the best in the game could do wonders for the 36-year-old coordinator.

Regardless, something has to change offensively. The NY Giants rank 30th in passing yards, 32nd in passing TDs, 23rd in rushing yards, and 19th in rushing TDs. Considering the expectations for the offense heading into the season, these numbers are unacceptable and we need to see improvements as the year goes on. This will help Danny Dimes as well.