Eli Manning joins fellow Giants great Tiki Barber in standing by Brian Daboll's side

The NY legends aren't going to let people bring Coach Dabes down

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Throughout the offseason, you've probably heard a story or two about how NY Giants head coach Brian Daboll has lost control of his locker room. Things started when Wink Martindale stormed out of his office, resigned and told the Big Blue coach the news while sending expletives his way.

Since then, more reports of turmoil in East Rutherford have arrived, most notably the one from Pat Leonard which even stated that Daboll had created a toxic work environment and that one staffer told a potential candidate to stay away from any openings.

Eli Manning has been made fully aware of everything, but he's refusing to give up on Coach Dabes, which was made clear via a conversation with the New York Post's Paul Schwartz. Instead, he's fully backing him heading into a huge offseason for him and general manager Joe Schoen. This comes right after Tiki Barber backed him too just a few days ago.

Eli Manning is standing in Brian Daboll's corner despite all the Giants drama

"With coach (Tom) Coughlin, he understood, made some changes, I think it was because he knew he had great leadership in a lot of guys who had been around for a number of years, been used to his system and he could let us take over some of that leadership responsibilities with the team. 'Daboll, hey, you got to be yourself though, you got to coach the only way you know how to coach and I think he does a good job, and you can’t let one tough season impact the way you’re gonna be or the way you’re gonna coach.'"

Manning via the NY Post's Paul Schwartz

While speaking to Schwartz, Manning brought up the issues legendary head coach Tom Coughlin had while in East Rutherford. Hey, things didn't turn out so bad for him, however, as Coughlin ended up winning two Super Bowl titles with the G-Men.

We're not trying to compare Daboll to Coughlin, but throwing in the towel on his tenure with the Giants after one rough season is not the answer. Just a year ago, Daboll powered the Giants to their first winning season since 2016, highlighted by the Wild Card Round win over the Vikings in Minnesota.

His impressive debut campaign in the NFC East led to him taking home NFL Coach of the Year honors. While there has been plenty of concern surrounding the rumors and stories that have come out on him this offseason, Schoen and John Mara still think he's the right man for the job. So does Manning, who is ready for Daboll and Co. to silence plenty of haters once next September gets here.