Evan Neal follows up fan criticism with insanely bad play that almost kills Daniel Jones

The former No. 7 overall pick once again is having a slow start to a game
New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers
New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers / Michael Owens/GettyImages

With the terrible comments he had for the NY Giants fanbase earlier this week, you knew that people would be on Evan Neal early if he struggled against the Dolphins. Late in the first quarter, Neal posted a play that had people ready to rip their hair out.

On a key 3rd down, with the Giants in Miami territory, Neal let a Miami pass-rusher blow right past him to get to Daniel Jones. The pocket collapsed and a Jones sack, the first of the day, was recorded. Seriously, just what in the heck was Neal doing here?

Giants fans are ripping Evan Neal for a terrible effort on a Daniel Jones sack

As you can see in that clip, Neal just let the edge-rusher get past him without even putting a finger on him. That's just completely unacceptable and something that can't let happen. Giants fans are furious with Neal, going after him on Twitter:

That's just a small sample of fans furious with the play of the second-year right tackle. Neal is going through a terrible campaign. After his inconsistent rookie season, there was hope that he'd be able to show major improvements in 2023.

However, he has somehow looked worse this fall. Neal made countless headlines earlier this week when he said that lions don't concern themselves with what sheep have to say, while adding that he doesn't care about what people who flip hamburgers/hot dogs for a living have to say about his performance.

As soon as those comments were made public, Big Blue supporters were calling for Neal to either get cut or traded. Those calls are only getting louder with the way he's looking early on against the Dolphins.

Neal is letting people down each week and the silly mistakes have to become a thing of the past. Unfortunately, it feels like a lock that Neal is going to keep being a disappointment the rest of the way.