Evan Neal knows there are no excuses for his play with the NY Giants anymore

The second-year OT has to improve for the G-Men as soon as possible

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Evan Neal was terrible in the Week 1 loss to the Cowboys - this is something we all know and have discussed by now. In the NY Giants 40-0 defeat at MetLife Stadium, Neal, who was supposed to showcase major improvements, gave up one sack and eight QB pressures.

Yeah, that's not going to cut it. Between him and Mark Glowinski, the right side of the G-Men offensive line was a total clown show. This is something Neal understands. When asked about his play and the OL as a whole, Neal didn't hold back in letting everyone know how bad he felt:

Evan Neal must improve his play for the NY Giants against Arizona in Week 2

"It was tough to get that spark back. Once they got the momentum going it was tough to slow it down. I never want to feel like this again. Definitely a horrible feeling, but all we can do is learn from this and grow from this and be better. "

Evan Neal

Those are the words of a young man who hated the way Big Blue looked against Dallas. It's easy to see why. The Giants were three-point underdogs, but plenty of people thought they had what it took to go toe-to-toe with the Cowboys and potentially upset them.

That of course didn't happen, with the Dallas defense sending a major statement with their seven sacks. As much as we hate to admit it, the Giants made the Cowboys look like a Super Bowl-contending team in Week 1. Neal was unfortunately a big reason for that.

Just like all the other guys who struggled in the season-opener, Neal has to flush his performance and focus on the task ahead: trying to take down the Arizona Cardinals this weekend. If Neal can do his job and keep Daniel Jones on his feet, then we could see NY improve to 1-1. If Neal and the rest of the line have another terrible game, then 0-2 could be on the way.

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