Giants already linked with worst possible offseason fix at quarterback

There's no way the Giants should make a move for Russell Wilson

New England Patriots v Denver Broncos
New England Patriots v Denver Broncos / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages

There's just no way this can happen. One thing has been made clear for the NY Giants this season and it's that general manager Joe Schoen needs a new plan at quarterback for the long haul. There's buzz of him drafting a new signal-caller to replace Daniel Jones.

Could Jayden Daniels, Drake Maye or Caleb Williams be on the way to East Rutherford? Fans want an exciting new QB to arrive to town. However, with the news of Russell Wilson expected to be cut by Denver this offseason, the Giants have already been mentioned as a possible landing spot for him. Please, there's just no way Schoen can pursue him in 2024.

The Giants going after Russell Wilson this offseason would be a massive mistake

If this were say 5-6 years ago, then sure, make a move for Russ. However, Wilson is now 35 and he turns 36 in November. It's clear his best football is behind him, which is why the Broncos and Sean Payton are sending him to the bench for the final two weeks.

Wilson is going to want big-time money - something the Giants aren't going to want to shell out for a quarterback on the decline. Wilson's numbers are impressive on the surface, as he's thrown for 26 touchdowns to eight interceptions.

However, Denver's offense hasn't been able to get into any kind of rhythm over the past month, with the team sporting a 1-3 record in their last four games. Because of this, Payton is sending Wilson to the pine, which is a major surprise.

Come this winter/spring, Wilson is going to be able to sign with any team he wants. However, bringing him to the Giants wouldn't be the right call. The Giants need a young, rising talent to get this team back on track. Drafting someone like Daniels, Maye or Williams is the kind of move Schoen should be focusing on, not inking an aging QB to a large contract. We can only hope the Giants GM stays away from Wilson in the coming months.