Giants and Cowboys teamed up to get 2 Commanders coaches fired

Things are a mess for Washington these days

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Commanders
Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Commanders / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

Goodness, it's been a rough two weeks for the Washington Commanders. First, the NY Giants handed Washington an embarrassing loss in Week 11. Tommy DeVito lit up the Commanders secondary, causing for fans in D.C. to lose their minds on Jack Del Rio.

Then on Thanksgiving, the turkey tasted a little extra dry for those same folks, as Dak Prescott and Co. torched the Washington D on their way to a huge victory. It turns out Ron Rivera has seen enough. On Friday morning, news broke that the Commanders had fired Del Rio as their defensive coordinator.

Jack Del Rio fired as Commanders DC is no surprise at all

Come on, this felt like it was only a matter of time for Del Rio. The Commanders have been just as bad as the Giants this season, with the defense looking rough. The Cowboys capturing a 45-10 win pretty much sealed his fate with the squad.

Not only that, but DBs coach Brent Vieselmeyer is also out of a job. It's one thing to have Prescott light up your secondary for four touchdowns, but when DeVito tossed for three scores last weekend against the Commanders, fans lost any remaining patience they had left.

The Giants are 3-8 on the year, with two of their wins coming against Washington. In recent years, the G-Men have owned the Commanders. It's getting to the point where two wins feel like a lock whenever the schedule is released. Okay, maybe that's not true, but you get the point.

Come this weekend, the Giants offense and DeVito will look to keep things rolling against the Patriots. As for Washington, they're now out of a defensive coordinator and Del Rio will be watching the rest of the campaign from home. Look for Rivera to take over the defense, but he's 100 percent on the hot seat too.