4 declined fifth-year trade targets for the NY Giants including Isaiah Simmons

New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals
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1. Arizona Cardinals LB Isaiah Simmons

Heading into the 2020 NFL Draft, a lot of people liked the Giants for Isaiah Simmons. After they took Andrew Thomas, Simmons dropped a few spots later to the Cardinals.

Simmons has been a decent player for the Cardinals, but there are some who think Simmons could benefit from a change of scenery and benefit from better coaching. This includes former Giants linebacker and current radio analyst Carl Banks. Here's what the Big Blue legend had to say:

What better coach to unlock and unleash Simmons’ potential as a defensive player than Martindale, who brought out several Giants players attributes on defense and made them better in 2022. No better example of that is Dexter Lawrence, whose game transformed from a pretty good player into one of the best interior defensive lineman in football. He was just rewarded with a four-year, $90 million contract for it.

There’s no guarantees that Simmons will make the career jump that Lawrence did. But if he’s available and it doesn’t cost much, it can’t hurt to inquire and explore the price tag. The Cardinals are not expected to compete in 2023 and given that the team is now under a new regime, Simmons might be someone who could intrigue the Giants, especially if Arizona isn’t looking to ask for a lot in return.

Pus, imagine if the Giants could end up with both Thomas and Simmons; the two players most wanted by fans for the Giants to land from the 2020 NFL Draft. It would make for an ideal scenario, especially if Simmons were able to become the player most saw heading into his rookie year of 2020.

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