Giants great Plaxico Burress has wild Dak Prescott prediction for next offseason

Could Plaxico end up being spot on with this take?
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Despite countless NY Giants fans looking forward to the 2024 season and what will hopefully be a bounce-back campaign for the squad, others are already looking to the future. Come next offseason, there are going to be some massive names in free agency.

Will Dak Prescott be on the list? He's yet to sign an extension with the Cowboys and it's unknown if that will happen this summer or not. Prescott has surprisingly been linked to the Giants as a potential 2025 signing, but NY great Plaxico Burress has something else in mind. Burress thinks if the Cowboys miss the postseason in '24, Prescott will end up in Miami at this point next year:

Plaxico Burress thinks Dak Prescott could join the Miami Dolphins in 2025

This is quite the hot take from Burress, one that would shock a lot of people. With the way things have been handled, we wouldn't be surprised if the veteran QB leaves Dallas after this upcoming season. However, a lot would have to happen in Miami for Dak to pack his bags for South Florida.

The Dolphins are still working on an extension with Tua Tagovailoa. The former first-round pick led the NFL in passing yards last season and he's now hoping to land a monster new deal from Miami, which just signed star wideout Jaylen Waddle to a three-year extension, with $76 million guaranteed.

Miami is working to get things done with Tua sooner rather than later, as they have more cap space available thanks to the post-June 1 release of Xavien Howard. Chris Grier and Mike McDaniel don't want any summer drama with Tagovailoa, which is why a new deal is expected to come in soon.

However, if the two sides can't agree to terms, Tagovailoa would then end up playing on his fifth-year option and the door would be wide open for him to leave next winter. That same door would be open for Prescott to sign with the Dolphins. Is Burress on to something here? Come next offseason, we'll know for sure.