Giants LB Carter Coughlin receives one of the worst fines you'll ever see

The 'backer must be furious right now

New York Giants v Washington Commanders
New York Giants v Washington Commanders / Michael Owens/GettyImages

Are these guys even allowed to play football anymore? It's one thing for players to have to deal with bogus penatlies during a game each weekend, but now their checking accounts are taking hits for no reason too. Just ask NY Giants linebacker Carter Coughlin about that.

In the 10-7 win over the New England Patriots, Coughlin, who sees the majority of his playing time on special teams, raced down the field to make a brilliant tackle on a kickoff return. Coughlin wasn't flagged for the hit, but he ended up getting fined more than $5,000 for it. Is this a joke?

Giants LB Carter Coughlin should be furious he was fined for a great hit

This just looks like a fantastic play from a guy trying to make a big-time play for his team. Everything about this tackle was superb. Did Coughlin get fined for standing over the Pats returner and talking a little bit of trash? If the refs didn't see a problem with this, then why is the league reviewing it and fining him for it?

A quick look on social media shows that Giants fans can't believe that Coughlin has to send part of his paycheck to the NFL for this. What in the world was he supposed to do here? Just hit him with less force? There's absolutely nothing foul about this tackle at all.

Coughlin has appeared in 12 games this season, posting six tackles for the G-Men. This is Coughlin's fourth year in East Rutherford and while he's not a superstar by any means, he plays the game the right way and shouldn't have to deal with this kind of nonsense.

A fine for this kind of a hit is ludicrous. Give us a break. We can't say it enough times - this was a great play by Coughlin and there was nothing bad about it at all.