Giants legend Tom Coughlin shares inspiring words for Brian Daboll

Coughlin is confident Brian Daboll will get things rocking again for Big Blue

Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants
Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

When legendary NY Giants coach Tom Coughlin speaks, it's time to listen up. Coughlin knows all about powering Big Blue to memorable seasons, as the has two Super Bowls to his name with the organization - no one will ever forget those title wins over the Patriots.

Coughlin still follows the Giants closely, so he of course knows what's been going on this campaign. The morale among the fanbase is low, as New York is 1-4 on the season and few people are giving them a chance to take down the Bills on Sunday night.

With the G-Men struggling so much, some fans have questioned if Brian Daboll is the right man for the job. Coughlin doesn't want to hear any of that nonsense. He's going to keep supporting Coach Dabes, as he knows he has what it takes to get this team back on the right track:

Tom Coughlin is showing full support for Brian Daboll and the Giants

With the way the Giants have looked in 2023, it's easy to forget what Daboll was able to accomplish with the Giants just last season. In this first campaign leading the NFC East side, Daboll helped the Giants go 9-7-1 and punch their ticket to the postseason for the first time in six years.

Not only that, but Daboll took home Coach of the Year honors too. He was a rockstar in New Jersey and New York not long ago, but plenty of folks have people have turned on him thanks to what's happened thus far this fall.

Injuries have been a nightmare for Big Blue in '23, with Jones, Andrew Thomas and others already ruled out for Week 6. This will only make life more difficult for Daboll. However, it's a long season and Coughlin knows that tough times don't last, but tough people do. He knows this will be the case for Daboll and the Giants. Coughlin is ready to see what this team can do moving forward.