5 Giants who need to see more playing time moving forward

With the final stretch of the regular season almost here, these guys need to be featured more

New York Giants v Washington Commanders
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With the NY Giants season being a bit of a lost one in 2023, the team will enter Sunday's tilt with the Patriots at 3-8. Yes, it's disappointing, but now is the time for players on both sides of the ball to show the staff what they can do not only for the rest of the campaign, but the future too.

These five players have all shown flashes of potential this season, but have yet to receive the proper amount of snaps to fully show it off. Now, with many of the remaining games for the Giants being meaningless, we hope to see them get an increase in snaps:

5. DB Nick McCloud

With the amount of small injuries the Giants have faced this fall, we have seen Nick McCloud have some games where he's gotten a decent amount of snaps. While he hasn't been perfect, McCloud has shown a ton of flashes and could very well be a genuine part of New York's secondary moving forward.

McCloud has been with the Giants since 2022 and in these two years he has showcased a good bit of potential, but for one reason or another, he's never gotten a sustainable amount of snaps. In recent weeks, though, McCloud has been given the snaps he deserves and it's paid off pretty damn well for New York.

Through the last three weeks, McCloud has played 116 snaps, allowing six receptions on nine targets for 60 yards, zero touchdowns, and one interception. Throughout the season in general as well, McCloud has allowed a passer rating of 40.3. He's not the most consistent, but McCloud has been good in coverage while also remaining a good open-field tackler like he always has been. Look for him to get more involved.