Giants News: Joe Schoen appears to have made his Saquon Barkley tag decision

Will the Giants end up regretting this?
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From now until March 5, NY Giants general manager has a $12 million decision to make with star running back Saquon Barkley. We're of course talking about the franchise tag, with the window now open. So, will Barkley be tagged for the second consecutive year?

Don't count on it happening. According to Paul Schwartz of the New York Post, the Giants and Schoen are 'unlikely' to place the tag on Barkley. With this expected to be the case, it means the Giants can either sign No. 26 to a multi-year deal, or let him walk in free agency.

The Giants aren't expected to place the franchise tag on Saquon Barkley

"The bottom line is the Giants are not expected to allocate $12 million on their salary cap for one running back, especially someone they likely view as in decline. The Giants have conducted studies at the position that show most running backs can trend upward through the age of 26. Once 27 hits, there is a cliff off which most start to fall. Barkley turned 27 on Feb. 9. "

Paul Schwartz

It's crazy to think about someone being too old at just 27 years old, but it looks like the G-Men and Schoen aren't willing to invest heavily in Barkley now that he's in his late 20s. Instead, they could look to use that money elsewhere, with plenty of fans focused on the offensive line.

Barkley continued to show his worth last season, rushing for 962 yards and six touchdowns, adding four more scores on the ground. However, the main issue with the two-time Pro Bowler is his health. Barkley missed three more games for Big Blue in '23 due to a high-ankle sprain.

Schoen could end up replacing Barkley with a running back in the upcoming NFL Draft, or inking a veteran RB to a cheaper deal. Schoen might very well end up surprising us all by giving Barkley a 2-3 year deal, but it looks like the idea of tagging him again is off the table.

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