Giants News: Joe Schoen backs Daniel Jones, Evan Neal staying put, Kayvon Thibodeaux

The Giants GM is refusing to give up on his $160 million quarterback

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Giants aren't planning on a position change for Evan Neal

Elsewhere for the Giants offense, a major topic of conversation has been the poor play of second-year right tackle Evan Neal. Neal, dealing with an ankle injury right now, was expected to make a big jump during the 2023 campaign. Instead, the opposite has been the case, with the former No. 7 overall pick looking rough throughout the fall.

With Neal consistently getting beat on the outside, people have been calling - no begging for head coach Brian Daboll to move him to guard. Neal on the inside just makes a whole lot of sense and it would open the door for someone else to man the RT job. Perhaps an early pick in '24 is used there? Not so fast, as Schoen said there's no plan to make a move with Neal.

Yes, the potential is there for Neal, but at some point this kid has to live up to the hype that landed him with the G-Men in the first round in 2022. Time and time again, he's getting embarrassed by pass-rushers and Giants quarterbacks are paying the price. Schoen knows Neal has to be better and play more consistent. Next season feels like it should be his last chance to prove to everyone he can play RT at this level.