Giants News: Leonard Williams takes shot at Jets, Joe Schoen praised by Packers star, Darren Waller out

The Giants couldn't have handled things better with Leonard Williams at the deadline

New York Jets v New York Giants
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It's been four days since the NY Giants traded Leonard Williams to the Seattle Seahawks and it still stings a bit. Yes, the Giants landed quite the return for Williams, with the Seahawks sending Joe Schoen a second-round pick and a fifth-rounder.

With that said, what's done is done and Williams will now look to make some big-time plays for the NFC West side. While he's over in Washington, that doesn't mean Williams doesn't have the G-Men on his mind, as he made it clear he was quite thankful with Schoen for the way he handled things. It's safe to say this trade process was much better than how things played out with Gang Green...

Leonard Williams shows love to Giants and calls out the Jets

While speaking to the media in the Pacific Northwest, Williams broke down how things went on the day he was traded. Long story short, Schoen was open about things with the star defensive lineman, saying multiple teams had reached out to him. Schoen wasn't shopping him, but the calls were coming in. Williams then spoke with his agents and a move to the NFC West went down.

"I’ve been traded before and it was very abruptly and I kind of had no say or anything like that. In this situation, my GM kind of came to me and told me that he wasn’t shopping me around but out of respect for me and where I’m at in my career, being a little older, he was pretty much letting me know that there was a few teams including Seattle that were on the winning side of the season and going to make a push this year."

Williams was traded by the Jets to the Giants in 2019 and it was a move that he never saw coming. Schoen didn't want to blindside him in this case, so he was very open with him about a possible trade from the start. As much as it hurts to see Williams playing for another team, we're just glad there's no bad blood between the two sides and Schoen handled things in a professional manner.