Giants News: Saquon Barkley ankle issue, Tommy DeVito starting, Darius Slayton upset

The Giants are 2-8 entering this Sunday's meeting with Washington

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys
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The NY Giants can't seem to go a quarter without having some sort of new injury pop up for them. In the case of running back Saquon Barkley, he suffered his ankle sprain in Week 2 against the Arizona Cardinals, a game NY was able to post a heroic comeback in.

For Barkley, though, it's been clear that he's being negatively impacted by his ankle issue. He's not at 100 percent, but the Pro Bowl running back is still doing whatever he can to try and help this team out.

Saquon Barkley admits his ankle is still giving him issues

In the 49-17 loss to the Cowboys on Sunday, Barkley received a season-low 14 touches. There were multiple times where you could see Barkley visibly in some pain. After the Lawrence Cager touchdown, it sure looked like Barkley was having some trouble getting himself off the field. He was also getting looked at by trainers a couple of times.

With this being a blowout loss, it only made sense for head man Brian Daboll to keep him on the sideline for most of the second half. Why risk having Barkley get himself injured in a game that was already out of reach? The concern here, though, is that the Giants won't want their star running back to be in this kind of pain moving forward.

With that said, Barkley noted that this is something he's going to have to deal with the rest of the campaign. This was a high-ankle sprain too and not a regular one like everyone initially thought. The hope is that Barkley's pain can be controlled and he won't miss any additional action.