Giants Rumors: 2 teams tried trading for Saquon Barkley but Joe Schoen said no thanks

The Dolphins and another team thought they had a chance at landing No. 26

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Come on, there was simply no way that NY Giants general manager Joe Schoen was going to part ways with Saquon Barkley this offseason. Barkley, who is already looking great at training camp, is one of the best running backs in the game.

This is known across the league, which is why anyone would want to have him for their offense. As it turns out, a pair of squads thought they'd be able to potentially land him this offseason.

With plenty of trade rumors surrounding Barkley after he was placed on the franchise tag, Ryan Dunleavy has reported that the Dolphins and another team sent in a trade offer to the Big Blue front office. Schoen was not interested in things, though, turning them both down.

The Miami Dolphins were one of the teams who wanted to trade for Saquon Barkley

"In fact, the Giants turned down two offers called into them by teams who since have been shown to be in the market for other top running backs, including the Dolphins, league sources said. It is thought that the Dolphins are the favorites to land free agent running back Dalvin Cook."

Ryan Dunleavy

The other team is unknown at this time, but again, Schoen wasn't going to let Barkley leave East Rutherford. Despite Barkley and the Giants failing to come to terms on a long-term extension, No. 26 ended up signing an adjusted franchise tag.

With his new deal, Barkley will earn his guaranteed $10.1 million, but he has incentives on the table that could bring him in close to $1 million more. The Giants also have the option to franchise tag him once again next offseason.

Barkley is easily one of the most important players for the Giants offense. Fans didn't want him to play for anyone else during the 2023 campaign. Thankfully, Schoen ignored the offers that came in and Barkley will be donning a Big Blue uniform for at least one more season.

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