Giants saved by Kenneth Walker's right cheek in near disaster start vs. Seahawks

The Giants almost had a nightmare vs. the Seahawks on Monday night

New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers
New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Bobby Okereke has to be thanking his lucky stars right now. In the first quarter, on the opening offensive play for the Seahawks, Okereke brought down Kenneth Walker for a loss of two yards, but it was nearly a back-breaking touchdown surrendered by the NY Giants defense instead.

Confused? As you might have just seen on the TV broadcast, Walker was taken down by Okereke, but the whistle never went off. From the naked eye, it looked like Walker landed on Okereke's body, resulting in the refs letting play continue and for a split second it seemed like a long TD was scored.

With the way the season has started for the Giants, your gut probably told you that the scoreboard was about to read 6-0 in favor of the visiting team. Luckily, after a review, it was determined that Walker's right glute was down. That's right, the G-Men were saved by Walker's right butt cheek.

The Giants nearly gave up one of the worst touchdowns of the year vs. Seattle

This is a must-win game for the Giants. Had Seattle taken the lead there on that play, the morale would have reached a new low for the fanbase. Again, with the way the season has started for NY, with basically everything going against them, it felt like destiny that Walker would be given the TD.

We can breathe, though, and Okereke was finally able to celebrate the big play. Last week in the loss to the 49ers, the $40 million offseason signing was tied at the top with three missed tackles. This would have been one that would have kept him up the rest of the night if Walker wasn't ruled down.

That wasn't the case and the Giants were able to dodge a major bullet early on. Now, let's see if Big Blue can make plays needed late in the action to post a victory.