Giants staffer telling coaching candidates to stay away from Brian Daboll was a low blow

The offseason turmoil for Brian Daboll's staff won't come to an end

Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants
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There are certain people who are trying to hit NY Giants head coach Brian Daboll while he's down. While the 2023 campaign ended with a victory over the Eagles, the G-Men closed out the season 6-11 and are watching the postseason from home.

Already, we've seen several coaching changes, including Wink Martindale quitting, Jeff Nixon leaving for Syracuse and Bobby Johnson + Thomas McGaughey being fired. In a new article from Pat Leonard, it really paints a negative picture on Daboll and how he treated his assistants.

In his piece, Leonard also said that a Giants staffer even told potential candidates to stay away from Daboll and East Rutherford. Seriously?

Brian Daboll is going through a hectic offseason already with the Giants

While we never want to assume, we can only guess one of the departing coaches from Daboll's staff is telling others not to join him. Don't forget that outside linebackers coach Drew Wilkins, Martindale's right-hand man, was also let go recently.

Despite a 'do not come here' message being sent out, Daboll has already filled two empty positions on his staff over the past week. First, Carmen Bricillo was hired as the new offensive line coach to replace Johnson, while Joel Thomas was just hired on Tuesday to take over as running backs coach for Nixon.

Coach Dabes is now focused on finding a new defensive coordinator and special teams coordinator, with interviews already under way. Thankfully, it doesn't look like the details from Leonard's story are keeping guys away from meeting with Daboll, but it's still not a great look for the second-year head coach either.

Fans are convinced that someone is simply trying to take a shot at Daboll on his way out of town. Regardless of that, Coach Dabes isn't going to let it impact him and he's focused on a big-time offseason to help the Giants get back to a competitive level in the NFC East. His next coaching hires will be crucial and the hope is the staff can get on the same page as a whole. This clearly wasn't the case for 2023.