Kadarius Toney ruining one of the best plays in NFL history is sweet Giants karma

The former Giant absolutely blew it for the Kansas City Chiefs

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

He did what? That's exactly what NY Giants fans had to be thinking on Sunday night when Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Kadarius Toney was making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Toney, a former first-round pick of Big Blue, appeared to score the game-winning score vs. the Bills.

Not only that, this was one of the best, most dramatic late touchdowns we would have ever seen. However, Toney absolutely BLEW IT - he was lined up way offsides and the play was brought back. The Chiefs ended up losing the game and people couldn't believe it. Yeah, this is going to keep people in Kansas City up at night for a long time:

Kadarius Toney is fully to blame for the dramatic ending in the Bills-Chiefs game

Patrick Mahomes was livid with the officials. This is probably the most animated we've ever seen him. Mahomes and Andy Reid blasted the refs after the heartbreaking loss to Buffalo, but come on, it was the right call. Toney was blatantly lined up across the line of scrimmage.

With that loss, the Chiefs are 8-5 on the year and they pretty much said goodbye to a chance of capturing the No. 1 seed in the AFC. Giants fans aren't necessarily KC haters, but they sure are celebrating this latest mishap from Toney.

The beef between Big Blue Nation and Toney isn't going to end anytime soon. After Toney was traded by Joe Schoen to the Chiefs in exchange for a pair of draft picks, he ripped the organization and the fanbase on social media more than once. He also took aim at Big Blue after the Week 1 loss to Dallas.

He would also get into Twitter arguments with Giants fans, calling them out and firing NSFW insults their way. During the season-opener, Toney had multiple drops that cost KC big time in a 21-20 loss to the Lions. Now, the fact that he didn't line up properly indeed wiped off a historic play (take a look for yourself above). People in KC can try and go after the group in stripes all they want, but this is 100 percent on Toney.