NFL insider has the Giants trading up for major QB risk in new mock draft

Could we see Joe Schoen make a move and move into the Top 5 in this year's draft?
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As the NFL Draft approaches, it seems like more and more possibilities are opening up regarding theNY Giants plans in the first round. It feels like we could see the Giants trade up for a quarterback, stand pat and grab a wide receiver, or trade back and gain some extra draft capital.

Amidst the swirling rumors and speculation about Joe Schoen's next move, one thing is certain - his decision will shape the future of the Giants. With the weight of the world on his shoulders, Schoen must make a move that could transform the team's roster for the 2024 season and beyond.

In NFL insider Peter Schrager's recent mock draft, he projects the Giants to shock the world and make a move that no one sees coming. We've known for months the Giants are potentially targeting a quarterback, but could we see the Giants take the draft's quickest riser in the Top 5?

Trading up for J.J. McCarthy would be a high-risk move for Joe Schoen

Schoen grabbing the bull by the horns and trading up for J.J. McCarthy would be the definition of a polarizing move. While it will likely face some harsh reviews from fans thinking the pick is a reach, Schoen is in a unique position where a splash move like this may make sense. Shrager has him trading to No. 4 with the Cardinals to grab the Michigan signal-caller.

For Schoen and Coach Dabs, this year seems to be make-or-break. After a terrible 2023 season and the harsh nature of the NY sports market, Schoen and Daboll need to prove that they're the right men for the job. By drafting a new quarterback, Schoen and Daboll can reset the clock and be judged on their new quarterback. Remember, Daniel Jones was drafted by Dave Gettleman. With this move, Schoen and Daboll can have their pick of the muck and develop McCarthy as they see fit.

With the trade itself, giving up an additional second and third-round pick is a steep asking price. However, with moves like this, the compensation likely is less relevant than many would think. If McCarthy can turn into the franchise quarterback the Giants believe he is, this trade would be a home run, and no one will care about giving up future picks.

When drafting a quarterback, you can't miss and find yourself stuck with a bust. This result would set the franchise back for years and will leave the Giants in the same purgatory of mediocrity that they've sat in for years. Getting the right guy is far more important than nickel-and-diming over a mid-round pick.

For Giants fans, April 25 can't come fast enough. With a plethora of great prospects, the Giants have the flexibility to move within the first round and get a difference-maker. Let's hope, regardless of position, the Giants hit a grand slam and make big improvements to the 2024 roster with this year's rookie class.