Ranking potential NY Giants' Daniel Jones replacements in the NFL Draft

These four signal-callers could be options for the Giants in the NFL Draft
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As the 2024 NFL Draft approaches, speculation mounts over the New York Giants' quarterback situation. Despite Daniel Jones still being under contract, there's a growing expectation that the Giants will select a quarterback to either compete with him or potentially replace him in the near future.

Given the Giants' roster deficiencies in key positions, there's uncertainty about whether they'll prioritize drafting a weapon or Jones' successor. Here are four options for the Giants, considering their potential and compatibility with the current team, at the QB spot:

1. Drake Maye

If Giants' fans had their pick of the muck in the draft, many would say that Drake Maye is the perfect selection to learn behind Jones and eventually take over the reins at QB. After a successful career at UNC, Maye is seen as a raw prospect that needs some work. Luckily, that description fits right in with the state of New York Giants football.

Barring a miracle, the Giants will need to make a move and trade up to get their hands on Maye. With most mock drafts projecting Maye to be taken at No. 3 overall to New England, the Giants must make an offer to the Patriots that they can't refuse. The question for the Giants: is Maye such a grand-slam prospect that giving up valuable draft capital via trade is worth it? That question will weigh heavy on Joe Schoen's mind heading into the NFL Draft.

For Maye, joining the Giants is a perfect situation. Starting the year, Maye would inevitably sit behind Jones and learn the way of the land in the NFL. With time to refine his skills and adjust to the speed of the game, the Giants can choose when to throw Maye into the fire. For rookie QBs, starting strong and maintaining confidence is crucial. Making sure Maye is prepared for the moment will be paramount in the Giants' approach should he be on the roster heading into next season.