NFL Overtime Rules 2023 & History: Everything you need to know

Some overtime thrillers are sure to be on the way this season for NFL fans

NFC Divisional Playoffs - New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
NFC Divisional Playoffs - New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

With the preseason here and the regular season around the corner, NFL fans across the globe are ready for some incredible showdowns to arrive. There are going to be countless thrillers this upcoming season.

With that said, you already know we're going to need more than 60 minutes to decide a winner some weekends. That's right, some great overtime action will be on the way - we see plenty of games go into OT each season in the league. So, what are the rules for those contests?

NFL overtime rules for the 2023 season explained

Should your favorite team hit overtime in the regular season, you can expect a maximum of 10 minutes for the extra session. If no one scores, then things will end in a tie. We saw this happen in the NY Giants vs. Washington matchup at MetLife Stadium in 2022.

In overtime, if the team with the ball first scores a touchdown, then the game is over. However, if they kick a field goal, then the other squad can tie things up, or win it with a touchdown. After one possession each, though, it's next score wins.

Things are different in the postseason. If the first team with possession scores a touchdown, then the opponents will get the chance to tie things up. This wasn't the case before, but things were changed after the infamous Bills vs. Chiefs matchup in the playoffs not long ago.

Looking ahead to this winter, some fantastic postseason games will be on the way. Things will only be made better if some heartstopping overtime contests are recorded too.

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