NFL power rankings: Giants ahead of Cowboys in NFC East after draft

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys
New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages
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3. Dallas Cowboys

Are the Dallas Cowboys a playoff team? Probably. Are they an NFC powerhouse? Before January, sure. But are they really to be taken that seriously? Remember, this is a team that hasn't been to an NFC Championship Game, much less a Super Bowl, since 1995.

Dak Prescott returns for his eighth season as the team's starter, but he’ll be doing so without one of his longtime teammates in Ezekiel Elliott, who was released for salary cap reasons; although some think Zeke could come back to the team on a cheaper deal. Even if Zeke does return, and hopefully for the Cowboys sake, it’s not at center again, the Cowboys resemble a bit of the team we saw in 2022.

A playoff team - but a championship team? Unless you’re from Dallas, the Cowboys are always one game too short. And given how the offseason went, they may take a step back to a team in the division that is on the rise, one they’ll see in Week 1.