NFL provides awful excuse for why Trent Williams wasn't ejected vs. the Giants

The 49ers offensive tackle should have been ejected for his cheap shot on A'Shawn Robinson

San Francisco 49ers v Pittsburgh Steelers
San Francisco 49ers v Pittsburgh Steelers / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

Everyone remains furious over the 30-12 NY Giants loss suffered on Thursday night. Not only did Daniel Jones and the offense look sluggish, but the refs didn't do the G-Men any favors with some of their terrible calls.

Among them was no question letting offensive tackle Trent Williams get away with a dirty right hook on A'Shawn Robinson. The cameras caught Williams red-handed - though we'll have to admit that Robinson wasn't an angel during this exchange either.

With that said, the league decided to double down on its mistake in not sending Williams to the showers early on. According to NFL Senior VP of Officiating Walt Anderson, the refs didn't see anything 'flagrant' with what Williams did. Are you kidding, Walt?

Trent Williams no question should have been ejected vs. the NY Giants

What makes this even more infuriating is that the rule states that officials are able to check in with available video to see if a play was indeed flagrant or not. Williams fired off a right hook on Robinson's helmet that you'd normally see on a boxing Fight Night or even on UFC.

This was the definition of a dirty play and there's no room in the NFL for it. Of course, this wasn't the only embarrassing moment from the 49ers, as Dre Greenlaw delivered a cheap shot on Darius Slayton and offensive lineman Jake Brendel also injured DJ Davidson's elbow with another insane act of violence.

Williams and Robinson have had beef for a while, but the All-Pro OT can't get away with these punches in the middle of a game. For the league to try and defend it's terrible call in letting him keep on playing has only made things worse.

It's been a Thursday and Friday to forget for Giants fans, as the morale around this team is low. We're still hopeful Williams will land a fine. The least that can happen is his bank account gets dented a bit.