NFL Rumors: Jalen Hurts on the Madden Cover would kill Philly's Super Bowl hopes

NFC Divisional Playoffs - New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
NFC Divisional Playoffs - New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Hey, if you're a fan of the NY Giants, then this is something you should surely be hoping for. This week, there's been rumors flying around that Jalen Hurts could potentially be on the cover of Madden for next season. There's word that it could be Josh Allen as well.

Everyone knows about the Madden curse, as it has ruined plenty of team's seasons in the past. Could this be the case for the Eagles if Hurts ends up being the choice? That's what a lot of people in Philly are worried about, but if anything, it's something everyone in East Rutherford is hoping goes down:

Will Jalen Hurts be on the Cover of Madden 24?

From our chair, we think this will come down to either Allen or Hurts - two guys who are deserving of the honor. However, we just can't get over the Madden curse here. Last season, Hurts was in the MVP conversation after posting an unreal year.

The Eagles were far and wide the best team in the NFC, earning the No. 1 seed after an amazing regular season. Then in the postseason, Philly had no issues taking care of business, booking a trip to the Super Bowl to take on the Kansas City Chiefs.

Philly was up double digits at one point, but Patrick Mahomes and Co. ended up getting the job done. Looking ahead to 2023, Philly is hoping to get back to the Super Bowl once again, but this time around they want to bring home the Lombardi Trophy. However, if Hurts ends up on the Madden cover, then people are going to be betting big on Philly to have a Super Bowl hangover.

The Giants are looking for revenge on Philly this fall and winter after going 0-3 against them last year. Everyone will be waiting to see who ends up on the cover of Madden, but this could be awful news for Philly fans everywhere if Hurts indeed is the pick.

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