Nick Sirianni needs a wake-up call on who the NY Giants best player has been

Enjoy Saquon, coach, but don't forget about Dexter Lawrence.
New York Giants v Washington Commanders
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Need something to spice up the NY Giants-Eagles rivalry? Philadelphia head coach Nick Sirianni decided to get things rocking despite the start of the regular season still being a bit down the line. In case you missed it, Sirianni trolled Giants fans, reminding everyone Philly stole NY's 'best player' in Saquon Barkley.

Only one pretty sizable problem with that, Barkley hasn't been the Giants best player in a long time. Do we need to remind Sirianni of someone by the name of Dexter Lawrence, who has taken home All-Pro honors in back-to-back seasons? Here's a fresh reminder: he's going to be a major problem for Barkley and the rest of the Eagles offense in 2024 and beyond.

Nick Sirianni has Giants fans livid with his latest Saquon Barkley comments

In the past two seasons, Lawrence has posted 12 sacks and 121 total tackles. He's been one of the best interior DL in the game, with him and Quinnen Williams ready to battle it out for the No. 1 spot now that Aaron Donald has decided to hang up his cleats.

Barkley is an unreal talent and he's going to be a stud now that he's with NY's biggest enemy. However, we can't just sit here and let Sirianni think that his front office was able to pull highway robbery on the G-Men and think they can just smile things off.

Yes, Howie Roseman taking Barkley away from East Rutherford hurt and that pain isn't going to go away in the near future. However, don't let Sirianni's cocky attitude take away from the fact that Lawrence is going to make his life tough moving forward.

Sirianni had a nice piece of humble pie in the Week 18 loss at MetLife to the Giants to close out the regular season this past winter. He had an even bigger slice when the Eagles, once considered among the Super Bowl favorites, lost in the Wild Card Round to the Buccaneers.

He may have Barkley on his side now, but Lawrence and the Giants will be ready to make a statement once Oct. 20 and Jan. 5 roll around. Sirianni has provided everyone in blue another reason to shut him up too.