4 NY Giants who disappointed against the Cardinals in their Week 2 win

Several Giants players still haven't delivered for NY two weeks into the campaign

New York Giants v Arizona Cardinals
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Coming off the heels of arguably their worst loss in franchise history, the New York Giants, at first, were about to have a repeat performance against the Cardinals. Throughout the majority of the first half, the Giants struggled immensely and even found themselves down 20-0 at half.

However, once the second half started, we saw an entirely different energy from this Giants team that led to them taking the game over and winning it 31-28. Despite the win, there were many Giants players who disappointed in big ways. These four guys simply have to step their game up moving forward, especially in the Week 3 showdown with the 49ers:

4. DE Leonard Williams

Despite missing five games last season, Leonard Williams still managed to put together a rather successful season as a run defender. However, through the first two games of the 2023 season, Williams has been a complete nonfactor on the Giants' defense and it's starting to become a big problem.

Through two games, Williams has racked up just three combined tackles and four pressures. For the level of player he is, this is unacceptable. While he may have had a solid pass-rushing game against the Cardinals, his complete lack of presence in the run game, something that killed the Giants, was awful to watch.

Considering that Williams currently has a cap hit of $32.2 million for this season, there's no doubt that he should be playing better. Lucky for both Williams and the Giants, Joe Schoen signed A'Shawn Robinson this offseason, who has done a solid job at picking up Williams' slack.

Hopefully, the first two games will serve as a wake-up call for Williams. The Giants expect both he and Dexter Lawrence to be some of the best players at their position. While Lawrence has still looked excellent this season, Williams simply has to play better if he wishes to have any chance at returning in 2024.