Have the NY Giants ever picked Mr. Irrelevant?

Detroit Lions v New York Giants
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Just because you're not a first-round pick, that doesn't mean you don't have a chance to make an impact in the NFL. Hey, if there's anything we've learned in recent years, it's that even if you're the literal last guy picked in the draft, you can still be a stud. Ask San Francisco quarterback Brock Purdy about that.

The honor known as 'Mr. Irrelevant' indeed goes to the player who hears his name called last in the draft. The NY Giants are no stranger to this, as they've picked last more than once. Most recently, former Big Blue linebacker Tae Crowder was in that spotlight.

The NY Giants have had several 'Mr. Irrelevant' picks in their history

Crowder indeed was the most recent last pick for NY, as the Giants took him No. 255 overall in 2020. Crowder saw significant action with the Giants, but his play sure was rough in 2022. He was released last year, then inked to the practice squad. He closed out the year with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Before Crowder, other Mr. Irrelevants for the Giants were John Tuggle and Larry Wanke. While he wasn't picked by the Giants, fullback John Finn was the final selection in the 1999 draft by the Chicago Bears.

Finn ended up playing several seasons for the G-Men, winning the Super Bowl with NY in 2007. While the Giants won't have the final pick in 2023, that doesn't mean they haven't had some Mr. Irrelevants in the past who have made an impact for the squad.

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