NY Giants grades for biggest free agency moves including the Brian Burns trade

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Not overpaying for Saquon Barkley and letting him join Philly

Before the Burns news, the biggest update out of East Rutherford was the Giants basically telling Saquon Barkley, “Thanks for the memories,” allowing him to journey over to Philadelphia and sign with the Eagles.

This is a tough move to grade. Some will point to the Giants declining to overpay for a running back, trusting their process, and the process of many other successful teams. However, Barkley’s place with the Giants, and the emotional attachment fans have had to him, factors in as well.

Instead of allowing emotion into the situation, Schoen trusted his process, and wouldn’t budge on the financials. The writing had been on the wall for months, and Barkley, who famously said he wanted to be a “Giant for life,” will be wearing kelly green next season.

Letting the running back walk at that price was the right move, and the only move for the Giants. While it may sting seeing him play for the Eagles, it’s certainly a shocking amount of money to see Philadelphia cough up for a running back, especially after the way they’ve treated the position over recent seasons. Three years and $37.75 million, with $26 guaranteed? Schoen was never going to match that.

Nevertheless, the real criticism here will be letting Barkley leave the team for nothing, instead of opting to trade the star running back. The Giants were never making the playoffs last season, and you can debate the impact it would’ve had on the team’s morale, but seeing Barkley leave for nothing to a division rival hurts.

Grade: B-