NY Giants grades for biggest free agency moves including the Brian Burns trade

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Signing running back Devin Singletary

After letting Barkley go to Philadelphia, Schoen signed a running back who will have a hand in replacing the former Penn State star, and his name is Devin Singletary. Since coming into the NFL via the Buffalo Bills, Singletary has been pining for an extended shot at some action.

He received that with the Houston Texans, where he usurped the starting gig from promising second-year back Dameon Pierce, and showed why he was a coveted ball carrier coming into the league out of Florida Atlantic. Something that should make Giants fans’ ears perk up is the fact that Singletary had comparable numbers to Barkley last season. While their situations were different, Singletary had to fight for carries, while Barkley was the unquestioned No. 1 on the team, so there’s caveats to both arguments. Barkley posted 962 rushing yards, while Singletary finished with a career-high 898.

Perhaps Singletary can grow into the player Daboll and Schoen expected him to be when he was in Buffalo. Regardless, the Giants will likely look to add some more help to their backfield, but at the price tag they were able to sign Singletary for, they’ll take the route they went. He's arriving to East Rutherford on a three-year deal for $16.5 million.

Grade: B+