NY Giants humbly troll themselves after massive exhale, record-tying comeback vs Cardinals

They really did have us in the first half.

New York Giants v Arizona Cardinals
New York Giants v Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Have you EVER seen an NY Giants comeback like that before? Unless you were watching the team during the pre-Super Bowl Era, you're fibbing.

Winning after being 21 down might be small potatoes for some high-flying franchises, but these Giants are far more likely to grind out defensive struggles, historically, then to erase massive deficits through the air. Sunday's spectacular second half in the desert represented New York's largest comeback since the advent of the Super Bowl, and tied the franchise's all-time mark (1949).

Now, does that mean the team's sins are erased? Absolutely not. There's something wrong with Wink Martindale's defense, including Bobby "Kenny Golladay" Okereke. Brian Daboll may or may not have but probably did call plays in the second half instead of Mike Kafka. Saquon Barkley's ankle cast a pall over the win.

But, for at least a few minutes, it's fair to exhale, regroup, and laugh a little bit. Because Jonathan Gannon and the tanking Cards really did have the NY Giants on the ropes for about two-and-a-half quarters before Daniel Jones surged back.

NY Giants breathe massive sigh of relief after largest comeback in franchise history vs Cardinals

The team that can laugh at itself on social media after making history laughs best.

Typically, after a collapse of these proportions by the Cardinals, a petty NFL team will unleash a torrent of memes making fun of their opponent's best players, tendencies, and local cuisine. Considering Budda Baker and Kyler "Call of Duty" Murray weren't active, though, the rest of the roster was ... mostly anonymous. Got jokes for Josh Dobbs? Got Zach Ertz zingers?

Nope. When something this madcap goes down, you just have to breathe for a minute.

Next up for the NY Giants is a quick turnaround on Thursday Night Football to face the San Francisco 49ers, which could have Daniel Jones puffing his cheeks like Spongebob behind a makeshift offensive line that may have lost Ben Bredeson on Sunday afternoon.

All isn't well, but at least the Giants got a chance to laugh at themselves after the final whistle, rather than watching the league gang up on them like they did during Week 1's showcase.