3 NY Giants injury concerns leading up to Sunday Night Football

The Giants are going to be without several key playmakers for SNF

New York Giants v Arizona Cardinals
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2. RT Evan Neal

While right tackle Evan Neal has been a complete and total disappointment this season, there aren't enough healthy bodies on the offensive line for the Giants to play without him. That's why the fact that he missed practice on Friday due to an ankle injury is in fact a cause for concern. The offensive line is a make-shift group as it is.

If Neal can't play, it's only going to make things worse for Daboll and especially Taylor. It feels like Taylor is basically being given an impossible task. How in the world is he supposed to do anything if half the offensive line starters are injured and he's going to have to rely on backups to somehow find a way to keep the Buffalo pass-rush at bay.

Neal may be in the middle of another brutal campaign, but he's the best RT option for this team right now. The hope is that he can be fit enough to play on Sunday, but if he isn't then it's going to result in even more changes for the line. Buffalo's defense is strong too. Not having Neal will surely sting for Taylor, who enters this game with basically no help already.