Watch NY Giants OL John Michael Schmitz send a warning to NFL linemen

Minnesota v Colorado
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Okay, we need to get a jersey and helmet for new NY Giants center John Michael Schmitz as soon as possible. During the NFL Draft, Joe Schoen made countless fans happy when he used the No. 57 overall pick to take the standout Minnesota offensive lineman.

The midwest charm has been on full display in his interviews since then, as Schmitz comes across as a respectful and caring young man. That's how his friends and family know him. As soon as he puts on the pads, though, Schmitz made it clear he says goodbye to Mr. Nice Guy:

Giants fans will love John Michael Schmitz talking about battling in the trenches

"I feel like all my friends, family and teammates know that I’m a very caring guy off the field. I really want to know how you’re doing and get to know you. I guess when I put on the helmet, I mean, it just flips a switch. No matter whoever is across from me, it’s go time at the end of the day. "

John Michael Schmitz

Anyone else ready to run through a wall after seeing that clip and quote? Schmitz checks in at 6-3, 300 pounds and he's got the arms the size of a beast. He's a big boy and he's ready to push around plenty of guys in the trenches. This will be his focus as soon as Week 1 arrives.

Heck, Schmitz will probably be fired up to get after it with some of his teammates at camp as well. With Jon Feliciano and Nick Gates leaving in free agency, Schoen knew he had to bring in some serious help for the offensive line, particularly at center.

He's done just that with the addition of Schmitz. There may be some growing pains for him during his rookie campaign, but Schmitz has plenty of people excited about his future. Schoen nailed it in landing this youngster.

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